Hi There! I’m Abreham
Brioschi, Product

My name is Abreham Brioschi, I am 25 years old and I live in Milan.

I graduated in 2022 from NABA in Product Design, creativity has always been a fundamental part of my life and design has made this my job.

For a year and a half I have been working on my seating project inspired by Ethiopian culture and traditions, I had the opportunity to exhibit in 2022 at Design Week alongside Divercity and at Salone del Mobile.


Ethiopian traditions

The essentiality of African design is the starting point from which my products are born. The Burgui collection stems from the desire to link
Ethiopian historical and cultural authenticity and the present
technology with an eye to the forms of the

Wood is the protagonist of the collection; in fact, it bears witness to the art of African sculpture and continues as the main material for the realisation of products whose vision is linked to ‘ethical-social design’.


The curved shapes that make up the Chenfér seat harken back to the use of labial discs used by the women of the Mursi tribes in southern Ethiopia, a symbol of feminine beauty and pride.


The Lefleté seat, on the other hand, was made by taking inspiration from traditional Ethiopian headrests: wooden objects used for the purpose of safeguarding hairstyles during sleep and possessing symbolic, social and personal value.

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